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Cultural idea

West spinning spirit: 

unity and harmony as the best inspirational pragmatic innovation

  Interpretation: the survival and development of enterprises, cannot do without a united and harmonious atmosphere, cannot do without the hard work of all staff and innovation. Only ningxinjuli, solidarity, and constantly strive for continuous innovation, to produce more exquisite products, to win more customers favor and greater market share, in order to enable enterprises to the simultaneous increase in benefit and income of the staff, to enable enterprises to stand in China for the forest of the strong international textile enterprises.

Enterprise mission: to make our products become a part of your life

  Interpretation: the basic necessities of life, clothing ranks first, become an important part in people's lives can not get. Chinese is the world's largest textile production and export. Textile industry is the pillar industry of our national economy and an important livelihood industry the traditional. By the former northwest No.3, northwest four cotton, northwest six cotton and northwest India old state-owned backbone enterprises, through the re integration of Xi'an textile group limited liability company, relying on first-class equipment, first-class technology, first-class management, first-class products and first-class benefits, shoulder dress up and beautify the lives of people, the right to build the historical mission of the international and domestic first-class modern enterprise.

Core concept: self-reliance self-reliance

  Interpretation: "confidence" is the cornerstone of our success, "self-reliance" is to enhance the foundation, both, "self-reliance" inevitable success will come when conditions are ripe. Xi Fang Group and its predecessor, the four enterprises of history, it is a "self-confidence, self-reliance," business history and the history of struggle. History tells us: to the survival and development of enterprises, we must establish a self-improvement, self-reliance of the belief, we must have perseverance, spirit of tempered into a steel must be firmly believe that only rely on their own strength, in order to gain a firm foothold in the tide of market economy, in order to achieve to do fine and stronger textile industry, the realization of the magnificent goal of sustainable development of enterprises.

Core values:

customer satisfaction, employee happiness for the benefit of their homeland and social returns

  Explanation: the enterprise value and the market and customers are inseparable, the products of the enterprise must conform to the rules and the change of the market, to maximize meet customer needs. The source of enterprise development in each of the staff for their hard work and creativity of employees, realize self value, is the process of enterprise development, the two complement each other, complement each other. As a state-owned enterprise, in ensuring the economic benefits of a steady climb colleagues, should drink from the source, back to society, for the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation make new and greater contributions.
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