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Dear friends from all walks of life:

  Welcome to Xi'an textile Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the West Textile Group) website, on behalf of the enterprise to pay attention to every friend West spinning group, West spinning development cannot do without your understanding, trust, support and help.
  West Textile Group's predecessor is has a 60 year history of raw cotton factory, a four plants, sixth factory and northwest India, December 30, 2009, along with the tide of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the West Textile Group came into being, shoulder the heavy responsibility to do fine and stronger in textile industry, historical responsibility of realizing the sustainable development of enterprises.
  60 years of development history enable us witnessed the development process of Republic of China textile enterprises are not trivial, reveals the we only self-confidence, self-reliance, self-improvement, down-to-earth and unremitting pursuit, companies can continue to make development, it is because of the development of the root, it can make every employee in the enterprise in the life and work in the shining of human intelligence in the twinkling of an eye, the true meaning of happiness, also can make our partners and we like more confident to meet the future. This is our wealth, but also our value is for our customers to provide the power of faith and every quality service. For the world heart, for Shengmin destiny, for the prosperity of following Xiancai, aerial precedent is always our commitment to the principles and the constant pursuit of the goal, the advanced equipment and precision level of management make our products cover high count and high density, high grade clothing fab

ality, high grade, high-grade road of developmenric, strands of high-grade fabrics tooling, new fiber and functional fiber fabric, embarked on a high-qut. 

  Let our products become part of your life, is our people and the concept of Mission West spinning.Is to build the fair competition and the only business platform, so that people have both ability and political integrity have a bigger stage. Seek benefits for their workers and staff, for enterprise development, create benefits for society, actively assume more, greater social responsibility, this is our common - West spinning.

  In order to West spinning our common home, let us join hands to cooperate sincerely, common development!

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